Repayment period - Upto 30 years | Interest Rate - 8.45% p.a to 10.85% p.a | Loan Amount - Min 3L to Max 1 Cr | Processing Fees - 0% to 2% | Maximum Loan - Upto 90%

Home Loan

Food, clothing, and shelter are a few basic things that everyone deserves. Out of the three, shelter is a commodity that most of us struggle to buy.

Home is a basic necessity that holds infinite values and memories of a family. Getting your own home is one of the most cherished feelings in the world. A roof that can all be yours with no one to judge or look at you. A special place that completes you.

With real estate prices sky rocketing, we understand that it is difficult to buy a home in one go.

Some are lucky enough to be born with a silver spoon and they can inherit home from their parents.

For others, we have Loan Milega Pvt Ltd. We help thousands of loan seekers to get the loan instantly approved. We help people with the dream to buy them their own house.

We provide loans from top banks and financial institutions so that you can compare and choose from the best banks possible.

help our clients buy a HOUSE. They make it a HOME. :)

Benefits :
1) Lowest interest rates as compared to other financial institutions.
2) Flexible Tenure
3) Hassle-free documentation
4) Apply it Easily online
5) Easy transfer of balance
6) Various options for home loans

Eligibility Criteria

1. Age 18-65 Years
2. Employment Type - Salary / Student / Retired / Self Employed / Freelancer
3. Credit Score - Someone with average credit score may also apply
4. Loan Amount - Depends On Profile
5.Experience - Salaried - More Than 6 months / Self Employed - Income Tax
Returns For more than 2 years

Documents Required

Photo Id with Resident Proof
Bank Statement
Canceled Cheque
Income Proof - Different For Salaried And Self Employed